Is the student life ..just to read the books

March 14, 2011 12:56pm CST
haii everyone ..i find myself and many of you in these circumstances and should we really born on this blue planet just to read the books which was written by some others just like us who are born before. Many of the parents think that their child must read and by heart all the textbook so that he get good marks..but they dont realize that..actually..they are learning anything just reading ang writng exams... A child must not be pressed with books and should be treated so that he accpets the things he must do... Say your feelings about this issue..what abt ur childhood......
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• Philippines
28 Mar 11
Majority of a student's time in school is to pick books and read them. In the course of the action, there is an expectation that the student learns something form the book or any academic material given or prescribed by the program. However, I am against the notion that everything can be learned in books. Experience, in my opinion, is still the best teacher, most especially when attending school. I agree that children should not pressed to learn everything from books but there are facts that only books or any material that can provide. If a child can learn and apply it in the real world, it is an advantage to him. But being too dependent on the books and its other end, not relying on books is a completely messed up proposition. In my growing up years, a good mix of good books and experience helped me prepare for my future. That worked for me and I'm grateful.
• China
20 Mar 11
No student life is not for study or read the books only. Student life is the period of learning and everything can't learn from books. Student should learn from their life.They should take participate different activity of their life. I had very good childhood and i have learn lot but not from the books only from my particular life. Good day!
@dodo19 (33320)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
16 Mar 11
Being a student is not just about reading the material. It's also about learning something that is interesting to the individual student. I find that I also learn quite a bit, other than just what I read. I've been able to become a better person and more knowledged person. Yes, I do have to read the material and write exams and papers, but being a student is not just about that. At least, this is what I've found and learned.
• United States
15 Mar 11
I honestly have found myself feeling the same thing you are about this. Something sort of similar is how I used to look at books thinking, thats a whole lot of staying still, reading and digesting but now I have a whole new outlook on it. I feel having interest in the subject at hand helps us want to read and learn. Interest is everything when it comes to reading, at least in my opinion. Not having interest either means lack of knowledge of the subject or having personal view of the subject. Finding fun facts or apply the subject to a real life situation helps us want to learn more and learning more usually means by reading, viewing, listening about it. I'm sure most of us would agree that visual or listening learning is so much more exciting but not all material can be supplied that way. A child being pressed, pushed or forced to read books would be more like introducing reading as a responsibility and responsibilities are done because we have too. Responsibilities can be made enjoyable just like reading can too. Its all about how we view the objects of learning.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
15 Mar 11
Well to say the truth i have no child. But im agree with you, then a child don't be pressed with book , but he could read when he want. This is my opinion
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
15 Mar 11
The student's life neither for only books nor for only entertainment. Both are necessary for student's. Fix the time of study and playing.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
We read books not only to learn but to absorbed the knowledge imparted to us by reading them. As a student, you must read books, learn from it, let knowledge bring changes in your behavior, personality and perspective . After you have finished school, you will have your time and turn to write books and share what you have gained through your intensive readings or turn these reading knowledge into practical use and help make this world a better place to live in. Don't be impatient. each will have his own time and space in these world of the academe.
@henrikm (60)
• Denmark
14 Mar 11
Even if you want to learn new stuff and experience stuff that is not written anywhere, often you will find that it is necessary for you to study and understand alot before you can come with your own input. As Newton (and many others) said when he was confronted with how much he had achieved: "I was standing on the shoulders of giants"