One thousand "bux" sites..which one really works?

@kwylima (452)
United States
March 14, 2011 4:23pm CST
Well, I have a long list of ptc websites, I am curretly registered some of them but some are gonna be to hard do make some money and others look like spam. I am really confused. he is some of them: pourinbux,amenbux,vcbux,aebux,getbuxtoday,co2bux,ucashbox,profitablebux,getbux,vcbux, vynbux,onbux,ifbux,incrasebux,gptobux and neobux. how you can see it is a lot! what I want to know is if somebory here has some comment to make about some of these sites. thank for response
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@la_chique (1499)
14 Mar 11
Please DO NOT use gagabux! They steal money from you, and do not pay out. Their payment proof is all fake anyway.
@kwylima (452)
• United States
14 Mar 11
thanks for let me know that before I try it. I am not registered there anyway!! thanks!
@mysdianait (64381)
• Italy
14 Mar 11
Of those that you mention I feel that Incrasebux and (at least for now) VcBux and OnBux are paying. I have been paid by those, and others too, quite recently.
• Bulgaria
18 Mar 11
yes and I have been paid by Incrasebux it's good site
• Nigeria
19 Mar 11
i think givebux is ok, but if there any comment pls let me know.thanks all
• United States
15 Mar 11
There are so many and you got to do so much research to see what is legit. Tough one. Good luck and take care.