Possible to quit alcohol within 21 Days.!!!(With out withdrowal symptoms)

March 15, 2011 4:40am CST
Do you know that it is possible to quit alcohol within 21 days? It does'nt matter how long have you been addicted to alcohol. If you really want to quit from this habit,It is possible!!! Once I was addicted to alcohol badly after a break up!!! Now I came across some sages and they adviced me to have some Ayurvedic pea nuts(They give it as powder)But from the taste you can undrstand it is a pea nut powder. Why do they this for 21 days? Simple because any of the acquired habits will take 21 days to change back to the normal(That is the reason we will be allocated for night shifts maximum of 20 days,Otherwise from the 21 day onwards our body will recognise day as night and night as day) It was really amazing for me that indian system of medicine is this much powerful with out adverse effects!!!! What do you think of quitting this habit?
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• United States
16 Mar 11
Very informational and I do believe someone can quit and absolutely like any addiction they will go through withdrawal period. I do not have a drinker issue, because I am a very light social drinker. But I do believe the withdrawal can be dreadful but so cleansing later.
16 Mar 11
Thank you for both of you on commending on my words.I hope it might be a help for those who want to quit the habit. thanks a million