Gossiping is the best way for mental relaxation

March 15, 2011 5:12am CST
Gossiping is, I think, one of the best way to relax our congested mind. In my own language, in Bengali it is called Adda, which is one of the most favorite culture of Bengali people. A number of Addas are maintained by the Bengalis. Several author, poet and other eminent person of our society came through this Adda. Name of 'Coffey House' of Kolkata may be cited in this respect. I cannot name any person of Bengali literature who has not stepped into the floor of Coffey House. Recently we are loosing that culture. We are rushing towards the hurry of our money oriented business. The effect of that change has been reflected in our culture and literature too.
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• India
1 Apr 11
Hi! For this topic I want to request you to see the movie"Aguntuk" by Satyajit Ray. In this movie actor Utpal Dutta said that the Gossip culture is not the monopoly of Bengali culture.Long days ago in Greece there was the Gymnasium not only for the body building but for also the discussion/gossip about various topics like philosophy,science etc.Famous philosopher Socrates used to participate in this debate.So gossiping is not only relaxed you but also help to culturally enriched you.
• India
3 Apr 11
And I would like to add a liitle more citing an example for Mylot, certainly not maintained by Bengali is a fantastic site for gossiping and at the same time it enriched us mentally and financially.......
@enruschew (249)
• Malaysia
15 Mar 11
It is no doubt that gossiping is the one of the best way for mental relaxation; as it is a way of dealing with human's curiosity. Gossiping help us in coping anxiety, especially when something was happened to someone we care but we feel sorry to speak with the victim. It is also considered a kind of entertainment; such as the gossip of the movie stars. It is often that we discuss this kind of topic among friends or colleagues during coffee time. I think it is one of the ways to strengthen the relationship or a way to break the wall between people living around us.
@la_chique (1499)
15 Mar 11
I gossip way too much, I like this excuse of it being good for me :)