how would you feel when best stud is caught cheating?

March 15, 2011 3:54pm CST
last sunday, one student brought out an exam paper and had one of the best students answer it...inside their locker room.. i caught them in the act. i never thought the good student would do just that. what would you do with such problem? how would you feel seeing one good student do that? i felt ashamed that i don't know why...i have praised the stud in front of the others.. now i caught him do one bad act. i really don't know what to tell the headteacher about it now, the kid may be removed from the honor student group. :( i don't want that to happen :(
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• Philippines
28 Mar 11
To be frank, I would be deliriously happy. I mean, the best student isn't exactly perfect or 'goody two shoes'. Your discovery might come as a shock but it guess this instances happen when students are getting desperate. I, for one, don't blame the student. He has the title of being the best - that alone gives enormous pressure to maintain the grade, the reputation, the image and the trust of the teachers. If it was a major exam, he's probably scared and did lose sleep on the previous night (either from studying or nervousness). If I were the teacher, I'll probably more disappointed rather than being ashamed. I know that people have certain image or perception of other people (especially between teachers and students) but teachers need to realize that students are people also. They try hard and when they fell short on their expectation, they weave self-doubt and self-guilt within themselves. That, I think, is more worse than getting a failing grade. I don't know how your school works but I think it is a little extreme to punish a student by excluding him form the honor roll. Course, it would teach others and the said student a lesson but I think pride and humiliation is enough to make a student change his ways.