described a person stupidly said 250 have whatorigin?

Hong Kong
November 19, 2006 7:59am CST
described a person stupidly said 250 have whatorigin?
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• Hong Kong
20 Nov 06
Said originates to the Warring States story. Su Qin is time a WarringStates persuasive speaker, his body wears six countries to print, veryis the power and prestige for a while, but also tied very manypersonal enemies. Afterwards, he has been finally killed in the unevencountry by the person, Qi Wanghen is angry, must revenge for theSoviet Qin. May not be able to attain the murderer for a while,thereupon, he had thought a strategy, lets the person cut the Sovietpeaceful head from the corpse, is hanging in the city gate, sidepastes was saying together: "Su Qin is a traitor within, haskilled his gold 1,200, looks receives an award." as soon aspastes, has four people to declare was oneself has killed the SovietQin. Qi Wang said that, "This may not have to pretend to be!" Fourpeople all state decisively say dryly oneself. Qi Wang said that,"1,200 golds, how many do your four people respectively obtain?" Fouranswer in chorus: "A person 250." The uneven king strikes the table tobe angry the road: "The coming person, 250 ' promoted these four ' hascut!" "250" a word like this spreads down.