Why India is not getting good Fast Bowler.......

March 16, 2011 10:52am CST
This is History of Indian Cricket team, they always has one good fast bowler and other all are casual. First Kapil and then Srinath and now Zaheer. Why India is not good fast bowler who can bowl with 140+ speed. Indian selectors are anot able to find one fast bowler from 100 Crore people.
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16 Mar 11
hahaha.... You can find your answer on 8th April...IPL.... this league created only batsmen and not bowler now India have batsmen and not good bowlers.... So what happen is you can attack but not defence ....another flop world cup for india.....
• India
17 Mar 11
Yes, Ia greed with you. IPL format is mainly for batsman not for the bowlers. But Indian selectors should start a mission/program for searching a really fast bowler. and I believe that from 100 crores, they will definitely get at least one fast bowler.
16 Mar 11
yes true,but in the present time we atleast can boost of having bench strength in the fast bowling which we cannot do in the past,We have Ishant,Munaf,Srisanth,Nehra,RP Singh and ofcource Zak from which we can select the best,and few of them when they started the careers were touching 140+(munaf,ishant) also,its the fitness and the precision that they are not able to maintain overtime which causes drop in 140+ speed,
• India
29 Mar 11
That is the problem of Indian cricket they can only increase Bench strength. But none of the bowler is fast enough to touch 140+ on average.