Would eminem end up like snoop doggydogg in the industry or not?

March 16, 2011 10:52pm CST
people see it and other speak up..Eminem cant make it like snoop or Dr.Dre as i can see now he slowed things up..but snoop he just go with the beat..
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• Bulgaria
31 Mar 11
... Eminem Is Way better Than Snoop Dogg .. Well Thats What I Think but everyone has their own way of thinking :)
• Philippines
15 Apr 11
if you tell me that Eminem is just copying the way snoop deals what on the business maybe that would be right because everybody just did what the elders had done...basically speaking this elders in the rap industry give the young generation to be in the business because they are not selfish and as you can see they are the one who molds the younger generation of rapper to be how it is to be..being with this guy makes the new comer be seen in the music industry that is why I'am telling you that snoop is way up better than Eminem.
@DanaS2011 (352)
• United States
17 Mar 11
Snoop and Eminem can't be compared in my eyes Snoop is on a West Coast swag while Eminem is very lyrical. They both have earned respect in the rap game different ways and they have worked with some of the same people. Eminem is great but in his own state he knows how to rock a song and add extra intensity to it but Snoop will make the song more laid back. Eminem has climbed up the ladder but Snoop Dogg is a classic.
• Philippines
18 Mar 11
wazzup..i like on you had said..but the question is if he can still be rapping for the years to come..because snoop had prove it being in the limelight with Tupac while their in the same management under Suge knight and there on he continue to amaze people who love rap music,I dont have any distorted feeling with eminem i admire them all for bringing the rap music to man kind the only that matters me is the question of how long would it be for eminem to stand in the test of time..thanks
@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
24 Sep 11
Eminem is the best rapper ever. He write songs better. The lyrics are really good, and the new him is very mature. I love him.
@daxta88 (125)
• Romania
8 Apr 11
In my opinion Eminem is as you said a more lyrical rapper. If you search any of his lyrics you can see that he has a lot of words. His raping can easily compare to the Germany rap style. Snoop Dogg is the kind of rapper that made music singing about bouncing cars :D, never the less he has a lot of musicality in his songs but I think that Eminem can rap way better than any of the hip hop singers in USA.