What is wrong with Eric Holder?

United States
March 16, 2011 11:00pm CST
Our Attorney General is insulting the black community and doesn't seem to even realize he's doing it. He has now put out the command that Dayton, Ohio's police departments must lower passing grades yet again to what would normally be an F in the real world. He's making the playing field level for 'his' people and Latinos. No, he is not. He is making certain that others look at minority races with disdain because they are allowing themselves to be told they are too dumb to pass the test as others do. What is missing in this whole equation is people of any color who are willing to study hard instead of making excuses. Missing are people, who were once proud enough to march in peace to get things changed. Present are people who listen to their 'leaders' tell them they are worthy of collecting welfare, but we'll make things better for you. How? By making darn sure you never have to have the real knowledge for a decent job. Or, that you can go into a job ill prepared to keep it with your own knowledge and determination. I'm tired of the 'leaders' leading their followers to call real workers such as Judge Clarence Thomas, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and others of their determination to be labeled as Uncle Toms. Why are people afraid to stand up for these very real heroes? Whose side do you think Eric Holder and the other black leaders are really on?
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