For the 30 yr olds & up, are strokes really a concern now?

United States
March 17, 2011 3:18pm CST
In the recent years, I noticed im hearing, reading and watching more and more about men and women having heart strokes early as 30 years old. The thought of this is truly horrific to me because I just made my 30th birthday and it has become apart of my reality. I recall friends saying 30's are the new 20's and I would laugh it off. How true could that be? I notice things I can't do now like I use to be able to do. I will admit of not being the ost healthiest eater. I still have fried foods occassionally, sweets, and much caffiene. I started taking multi-vitamin since I was 27 years old. it has definetly helped. My favorite foods would be vegetables of every kind but I still have red meats pasta etc... In read in order to becoe less prone to strokes we are really suppose to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime whihc means less foods we love and more vegetables and fruits with at least 15 minutes cardio. i have tried that route and it feels like a punishment. It's like eating foods just to survive and live longer. Doesn't sound bad but food is so enjoyable. I believe if doing this helps my body get in better shape, I will need to have a better thought aboout it. A positive approach so I can do it without feeling cheated. Now, that it's becoming more appearent to that men and women as early in age are dieing due to stroke complications, it's an eye opener for me. I wouldn't want to live with the fact I could of done something about my health but didn't take the neccessary steps to do so. A stroke seem like something I don't want to go through and I hear family members that love us suffer just as much. I hear even if you have one and live through it, there are long term affects from your organs shutting down for that moment and that enough for me to make changes.
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@liumirror (138)
• China
19 Mar 11
In this time ,because of kinds of pressure,the result is kinds of disease.And many disease advance the date.Such as three H,hypertension,hyperglycemia,hyperlipemia,heart disease,etc.There is saying when you young you spent your health to get money,when you old you spent your money to get your health.
@LaDeBoheme (2003)
• United States
17 Mar 11
"i have tried that route and it feels like a punishment." The punishment is the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes... the list goes on. The rewards are feeling great, looking good, and being stroke-free at fifty-something. (Trust me, I know. )