Actually, not too bad with Neobux

United States
March 18, 2011 4:34am CST
Actually, I might have to take back my words against Neobux new rules on its ads rating. Although all the $0.01 ads were suddenly disappear, but occasionally, you might have 1 cent ads or even 1.5 cent ads. And you would get those $0.001 ad appear from time to time, if you go back to neobux check it out regularly. So, what would you say, continue on neobux while spare some time on new ptc sites to make some extra money?
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• Philippines
18 Mar 11
At first I have the same impression my earnings became a little bit lower. But then I realize that its money after all and why I will not give it a try, it's free. My only problem now is to get more referrals I think that is the only solution to make my earning make much more bigger. I hope someday I can also be like others who can cashout every week ... I hope :)
• Canada
19 Mar 11
Yes, you're right! By renting referrals! Try it bit by bit!
• Canada
19 Mar 11
Although changes happen at neobux, the best way to earn is by renting refrrals. My earning through such way, slightly changed but not by much! Give it a try bit by bit at least!
@edxcast (1169)
• Ecuador
18 Mar 11
In my own opinion, it´s just not worth it. I mean, for sure you will get $0.004...then you might, MIGHT, get 0.02 or so, if your lucky. And that luck also depends on how many times you visit the site. If some have the time and can still earn some decent amount, i would say he should continue doing it so. As for me, i have cashout the money I had on neobux, and would not continue there. I wish good luck for the ones who will continue, and hope neobux would not turn scam.
@WarnoB (10)
• South Africa
18 Mar 11
I just seem to get the 0.001 adds seeing as I started yesterday. Neubux is just not worth my time. I think I will give it a pass.
@Jiabsa (512)
• India
18 Mar 11
I don't have plan to stop this site so quickly. We have to wait and watch what is going to happen. It is not a good decision to move away from this site now.
@djbtol (5498)
• United States
18 Mar 11
I agree that Neobux still be a winning opportunity. We have to be patient to see exactly how these changes will work out. I was negative and am now starting to feel encouraged.