Is it better to live in the city or country?

United States
March 18, 2011 11:36am CST
Does the benefits of living in one environment versus the pther have an affect on our quality of living? I believe so because the environment we are surrounded by daily gives us the comfortability in how we do things, it keeps us happy or unhappy with the way our life is going. Let's think about it for a in the city, we have just about everything in close range of our home including places of businesses, grocery stores, gas stations, children schools, friends and such right in our community. It would take a short drive to get to where we need to go. Point A to point B in short drive time or even walking time. Our grocery stores are right in the neghborhood so we would be shopping with familiar faces and pay lower prices for the products we buy. We wouldnt have to spend much money on gasoline so that means a little more money for the other things we need. Our home would be close to the childrens school and thats always a plus in case we would need to get them or for school programs. Our friends would be able to see us often, especially if they live in the same neighborhood. The places of businesses we have important transactions with, we could actually get in person customer service experience whihc is someties needed. It would be nice to deal with businesses this way to know they are actually a place of business. Now , living in a country would be less noise than we would in a city. All the commotion of a busy city life. We would have one or two stores close to us a few miles down. We may have access to home grown vegetables and fruit or even be abe to grow our own. Gas stations would be a few miles down as well but a little less in prices depending on where you stay in the area. Our children's school would be a few miles down the road as well but schools seems to be lower in classroom size which would mean more one on one with the teacher's. Our friends would have to make time to come visit and drive a ways to our home but they could see it as a chance to relax on the countryside. Places of business would be farther and ost of the time we would make transactions over the phone or faxing paper. I f we love the convenience of everything nearby, the city life would seem better to live but if you opt for a more peaceful, serene environment and long drives on the countryside, then country it is for you.
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• Indonesia
19 Mar 11
I used to live in the city of Jakarta. Now I live in the suburb. The reason I moved was floods and land subsidence, resulting in worse traffic jams and pollutions. The floods are nowadays slow to recede. When flood water is above one's knees, it hides road holes and large rocks. Traffic accidents are common. Besides, very strong winds seem to frequent the city. Cars, buildings, and houses were badly damaged by tumbled huge trees just recently, just a few days after the Japan tsunami. I'm lucky as I moved away from the city two years ago. The suburb where I live is relatively quiet with many greeneries but with a lot of amenities nearby. With weather extremes and frequent natural disasters, I prefer to stay away from a crowded city. When, for example, a terrible earthquake or strong wind hits, the electricity will go out for some time. Shops will usually run out of candles and gas very quickly. It's much easier to survive outside the city where you still can go back to nature and nature's provisions are still abound nearby. You still can cook and get lighting with firewood or other natural means. Moreover, you can have your own crop garden more easily. So, basically, if I moved to the country, it would be for natural disaster-related conveniences.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
19 Mar 11
Though question, I lived both half in the country and half in the city and they are very good! In the country you have to be able to live with people that soon will know your face, that will know you and maybe gossip is even louder there. In the city you have to be prepared to be anonymous, that it's going to take little longer to someone to form attachments as they meet people all the time, people are preatty more stressed and there's always more violence. Nowadays?? I prefer like 10% only more the country! I miss the city but with the good and bad things, the country feels more like home now.
• United States
19 Mar 11
I'm claustrophobic and I can't stay in a dense city for more than 3 days witohout losing it. I like having lots of open space and air and hate all the commercialism of the city (New york made me puke). Don't care about convienience.
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
18 Mar 11
I live in the country,and sometimes i wish i was living in the city.Reason being is that in the city their is more opportunity for work and even more fun places to go. Some place in the city are not safe but have a lot of opportunity for hard working people. I like here in the country it is very cool , and peaceful and you can farm your land and do other stuff.But it's hard to get a job in the country,but i enjoy it here less violence. The country is the best place to rise a family if you have a good job,with good income. Our community is very big the schools are near by,Shop are near by as well,Hospital you can fine one very near like two hospital in every parish and sometimes three. In the country their is less noise,friendly neighbors living in the community.Even taxes that are available all day till around 12 mid night. For me i love the country more than the city .
• Canada
18 Mar 11
I would never be able to live in the city i love having my space and my quiet i love that i know everyone in my little town and even when i go to the bigger town to do my banking and work I know most of the people there and if i don't they know someone that i know i love the feeling of community. I never do anything over the phone i just drive into town to do it on my days off I go to the grocery store once a week for grocerys on my day off and i grow my own HEALTHY food or buy from local farmers. I love the fact that people arn't just stopping by and that you actually have to arange to see people it makes those times more special. I love being able to walk my dog off leash and being able to breath the fresh air. I took a bus to school it was an hour bus ride which was time for me to hang out with my friends each day and i went to school with the same group of people right through grade one to highschool. I lived in the city for a short time and it as way to noisy, way to busy and nobody knew anyone people in general seemed rude you would go to buy your grocerys and the cashier would ahve nothign to say while at home you would ask how there kids are doing at school etc etc