How strong the four letters are......

March 18, 2011 12:38pm CST
If you consider the letters individually, there is no such significance. And if you arrange those in another way it will be meaningless. But the letters LOVE stands for a dangerous meaning having immense power of bondage which can make the worls even up side down. It is a gift of God if utilised properly.
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@whengcat (1458)
• Philippines
19 Mar 11
Love is so strong that it moves mountains...Why did I say that? Because the greatest love I know is the love of God. Look around you and you'll see and feel the love of God, so unselfish....He doesn't want us to suffer because He loves us so much. That's why he gave us FREE WILL for us to choose whatever we like in life. The only problem is that there are times that we don't use this gift properly and end up cursing God...
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
18 Mar 11
Watch Eternal City Lights. Rainy spring day. Happy couples walking the cold alleys of the park. Two gray shadows fall gently on the sidewalk. Laughter. A handshake. A long kiss. The two are walking in the rain, adhere to one another by heating with love. They are beautiful, but together they are even more beautiful. Perfect couple. In the eyes of others are wonderful because they love. I stand in the rain and its dreamy smile, not caring about anything. They are together and that's all what matters. That is LOVE.
@DanaS2011 (352)
• United States
18 Mar 11
You couldnt have said it any better. People use Love when expressing a feeling for their children a spouse a object a thought or a place and when expressed on these different subject they have different meaning different levels of significance and different feelings. The love you have for your favorite place to visit is on a minimum level compared to the love for a love one. So how many meanings for love is there? Does it have to be different level and why can't everyone love the same? The letters are weak but the meaning is very strong.