Is facebook still safe?

March 19, 2011 12:13am CST
Lately, there so many incidents that was reported and facebook has something to do with it. Scammers, spammers, and many more. Numbers of victims are rising. Do you think it is still safe as a social networking site?
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@mrgpk63 (444)
• United States
25 Mar 11
I have been on Facebook for Years and it is Safe. Just don't Accept any Downloads that isn't at the Site from an External Source. Report any Harassment or Suspicious Activity from any Member. Check Out any Profile and make sure it not Blank. Report that Also. We as Members need to do Our Job and Report anything Out of the Ordinary.
• India
24 Mar 11
That depends completely on the person who is doing and using facebook for his own means. The activities, videos and pictures posted by a person can lead to damage or blackmail even if not now then maybe at some point or the other so one has to be careful what they are uploading in facebook and why they are doing so. They should have a look at the privacy settings which i believe not many are aware of. there have been lots of cases of harassment online and even stalking also if i am right. I am pretty safe as i have been using facebook for a couple of years and counting now. Cheers!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
20 Mar 11
Hi. maikokimberly. Welcome to myLot! I know yesterday my cousin and another guy was talking about someone named Juice Jones that have deleted them. And they said that this person was attacking them and others on Facebook too. What I would usually do is just block them out. I don't get myself caught up into crazy things on Facebook, I will delete anyone that gives me a problem in a heartbeat. Being that someone can create multiple accounts, so many scammers and spammers can start something whenever they choose to. That is the problem with Facebook at times.
@chuyins123 (2118)
• Philippines
19 Mar 11
As a social networking site, you have to take note that you are exposed to public unless you put some restrictions on your account. The purpose of social networking site is to be connected to the public, your friends, your family and acquaintances are all prone to public exposure. So as to safety, you have to set the restrictions yourself. Because features are created for convenience and easement of the users. So protect yourself by setting certain restrictions on your account.
• India
19 Mar 11
Disadvantages of facebook · Overcrowding · Weakening long distance relationship · Unsupported by physical adjacency · Contributes wide-range procrastination · Rampant addiction · Stalking is possible · Acquaintances be labeled as friends
• China
19 Mar 11
Yes i think facebook is still safe. Though so many spammer there but if you little bit careful about them then nothing will happen to you. So i do feel facebook is safety. So be careful from spammer in facebook and enjoy to stay in facebook.
19 Mar 11
Facebook is still safe and the problems are mainly harmless spamming which doesn't do anything to your account and just sends out stupid stuff.