elmenbux, a new ptc scam?

March 19, 2011 8:43am CST
i'm still a newbie as a clicker in paid to click sites, and basically i've only signed up with onbux and neobux (stopped clicking with other sites because of potentially low earnings in the future and not worth the time spent), since both these two sites offer great earning potential with their rented referral system, although not that great with neobux. i've come across an ad provided by onbux that leads to a ptc site called elmenbux, a new site i think. its rates are $0.03 per click, $0.015 per referral click, $0.06 per premium click, and $0.03 per premium referral click. now, what kind of unbelievably high-priced offer is that? $0.02 is already very high among ptc, and those that have promised this have become scams. i know there's very little potential to elmenbux becoming a legit ptc site, but if there are proof that this site pays, i'm going with it. do you think this is legit or scam?
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