purchasing "Made In America" products benefits the USA!

United States
March 19, 2011 9:51am CST
I've never gave much thought about products made in America. One, because a lot of popular inventions are make in foreign countries. Such products as sony or almost any other electronic you can think of. I typically buy what I like. I'm sure If I were to search the lables on my clothes a lot of which would be made in foreign country. But upon learning that purchasing made in america products can benefit the USA, as in providing more money, more jobs, and a better economy. I'm more than likely to start buying America made products. How about you, if you are from the states, or not what's your opinion on this? Thanks!
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19 Mar 11
There are multiple benefits to buying products developed in your country of habitation, not only economically but also environmentally as they do not have to be shipped from overseas. However, generally each country will be better at producing certain products than others and surely you would not rather forsake better quality for the sake of buying a product made in a US factory. Birdie -
• United States
24 Mar 11
i can completely agree what that. thanks for sharing!