you can have what you wish for if you really want to?

March 20, 2011 2:58pm CST
so let's say that you're in love with someone but for one reason or another you can't be with that person. what would you do? keep hoping that at one moment in the future things will change and fight for what you want? or just give up the idea and move on?
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@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
21 Mar 11
I usually fight for what I want. I remember a friend telling me "You're Knic, you'll find a way". It really struck me when he told me that. It's like that they really know me as someone who'll definitely do something to get my way. In a way, I'm proud of it, because I'm not someone who can be easily swayed or scared. It holds true for love, if I find that it's a love worth fighting for then I'll definitely do whatever I can to have it, but if I know that I'm already fighting a losing battle, I may just jump ship and lick my wounds before it turns into massacre! I know when to back down, I know when I have to stop. But one thing's for sure, I'll definitely not give up without a fight!
• United States
20 Mar 11
It would depend on what the reason was. if the reason is because of money, cultures or ?? But if it is because he is married perhaps then I could not wait on him and would have to say that I would have to try really hard to mend my heart someway. So not really give up on the idea but more like depending on the reason , I may have to try really hard to move on with my life and allow time to mend or or another love interest later.