PTS sites going to 1/10th cent clicks and high cash out minimums....

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
March 20, 2011 9:12pm CST
I think it is the dumbest thing ever. Some PTC site, have their first cash out mini as one dollar and then every time you cash out...the mini rises a buck till if finally levels out for good at $10. Why is that? I mean do they realize how long it takes to reach $10 a penny at a time, and now that ads are starting to drop to 1/10th a cent? Plus literally starting over every single time? I could name the sites, but I won' probably know them. I just cashed out on one for $2 and now I have to reach $3 for my next cash out. took me 2 months to reach the $ basically a dollar a month...maybe... if there are lots of one centers, which seem to be dwindling as of late. So..why do they do this? Are they trying to drive members away? I mean, on a good'd take one a full year to reach $10 mini plus, if you reach that, that means you have done 9 cash outs prior to reaching the $10. I'd do the math but just thinking about it is a "scary" thought! SO why do they do it...raise the cash out every time? I am wondering if this is why they have gone to 1/10th takes so long, so members leave the site, so they aren't very many "viewers" to the advertisers ads, so the advertiser thinks, well, since not many are viewing from that site, I won't put to much money in advertising there." And if they don't want to spend there, they would go to the 1/10th centers instead of the one centers they had been doing. IF so, it would seem the PTC's are driving themselves out of business. What do you think? I only have 5 ptc sites, and two of them are like this and if this continues...I will just end it with them. I have better things to do with my time and if they have no more customer loyalty than that.. I have no reason to stay. Do you?
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@kwylima (452)
• United States
21 Mar 11
for me it is sooo stupid...when i got to know those sites 4 days after they start do it and then I dicided to stop trying make money on it.. I think they wil get out! it is impossible make money there.
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