Where shall we live ,large cities or small cities?

March 21, 2011 3:19am CST
In my mind ,different cities will give people different feelings.Just about two months ago ,I still lived in Hangzhou ,which is one of the largest cities in China.But now ,I have started my new life in hometown ,which is one of ordinary small cities in China.Though it is much more convienet to get all kinds of information in Hangzhou,it is very hard for youths like me to have a better life .Competetion is so hard that most of my friend had left that large city .Therefore ,two months ago ,I made my decision that I should return to my hometown .I don't know what my life will be in the future ,but hard work will go on . Guys ,do you have some similar experience about living in different cities?
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@huidu76 (54)
• Germany
21 Mar 11
I prefer to live in the little cities where the people are more friendly. Yes there are not too much to do in a little city in what concern the life day but day. In a little city you can enjoy for the life. By the way..... I will come in Hangzhou in august for 1 year. My boyfriend wil have a job there. How is the life in this city? I'm a little bit scare about this new experience. You can tell me more?
• China
21 Mar 11
Well ,in my personal opnion ,Hanghzou is one of the most beautiful cities in our nation.When you begin your one-year life in that city ,you may enjoy many places of interst,clean streets .However,life is quite expensive there when you go shopping there.Meanwhile ,the traffic is alwasy crowed like many other big cities in China,especially if you take a bus going to work in the morning or return home after work.In general ,as long as you adapt yourself to the life there ,you will enjoy yourself with your boyfriend.Wish you happy there!
• China
21 Mar 11
I have similar experience with you.2 years ago i work in beijing, once i dream of woring and living in Being ,it 's a big city .but when i worked for some time . i found i want to go back hometown. just like you said in large city.competetion is so hard. especaily for me just newly graduated
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
21 Mar 11
I think size of the city is not important, it is the feeling that is more important. It depends where you feel peace, where you feel more like home-sweet-home. For me ,I want a small house, not flat in the building, but an independent house sounded by a small garden where I can grow some beautiful flowers and some fresh cucumbers.....for me it does not matter if this small house of mine is in big city or small, as long as it fulfills my dream and gives me peace........I am happy. But let me tell you a secret.....yes there is nothing more beautiful than your own sweet hometown.......as the fragrance of soil of your hometown itself gives lot of peace.So I think you made the right decision.
@carl146 (24)
• United States
21 Mar 11
smaller cities are better cuz you can know all the people that are there and plus everything is alot closer then a big city