HTML as a Carrier Options

March 21, 2011 6:28am CST
Whats your view about html as carrier options. I have seen some of my friends are earning quite handsomely from HTML related assignments than the regular permanent jobs. These friends of mine are doing their HTML related online jobs from their homes. Thats why I am trying to learn HTML.
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@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
25 Mar 11
to create a website you should have a basic knowledge of html but a website is not create only with the help of html language it also has javascript,css,flash,php,xml in it html is the most easiest language too learn so first learn html then css,javscript,xml,php,flash if you get good at all this then you can make a carrier in web deigning w3school and youtube both site are best for learning html and other languages
• India
25 Mar 11
Good suggestion to learn HTML through Youtube. I would keep that in mind while learning. Thanks.
@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
21 Mar 11
HTML is the one of the most important and basic knowledge that we will need for creating websits. Well Html is not hard to understand and you will learn it in few days but html itself don't do much work. Try to learn CSS at the same time as CSS and PHP, java script, mysql. Html is like a building for which CSS acts like a painting and other decorations. PHP, Java cript and Mysql are like functional things inside the building. I suggust you to learn them from Good luck.
• India
25 Mar 11
Nicely said on all the practical functioning of HTML, CSS, PHP and Java script. I am really happy with such response.
• Ahmedabad, India
15 Aug 13
No doubt HTML, CSS, Photoshop are mostly adapted for web design, and more the content descriptive and unique, the more the website accessible over world wide web. Keep going.
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@Harold_ks (1674)
28 Mar 11
HTML alone, it would not be enough to be a career but it can be a start. From HTML, you can do basic websites. But to enhance it, you need to learn other programs. For a better looking menu, buttons, banners and other part of your website interface, you need to learn Adobe Photoshop and also Adobe Flash for adding animations. For making your website dynamic, you need to add javascript and css to it. For making your site interactive or if you need database for your site, you need to study PHP and MySQL. So after learning HTML, I suggest you to enhance your knowledge by studying other programs. Once you master web programming/developing, you can really earn big money from it. Good luck.
@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
21 Mar 11
HTML is basic for design the web so you must first master html and then go further to have knowledge of xml,css,java. Without the basic of html you can't learn these. Html can't opt only for doing job you must have heard wrong, any company will not pay just for doing html work if there such let me name those companies. LEt us know the companies in which your friends have doing work on html. Confirm from them and then tell