end of the school year...another side, another story

March 21, 2011 10:04am CST
well I guess the end of the school year is what every student wanted...but for me its the best and the worst... well the best things about it: 1. no more assignments 2. no more quizzes, seatworks, etc. 3. rest (just what every student need) worst things about it: 1. your friends will never be you classmates 2. you will never see your crush again :'( 3. you will miss all the fun stuff you did this year thats why this is the best and the most remembering school year I have ever had
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@murkie (1105)
• Philippines
21 Mar 11
yeah, you're right. but we don't share the same thoughts though. your best things about no assignments, no quizzes and such? well, just wait till you graduate. you would wish you were a student again. LOL. anyway, your friends will still be your friends (if you let them be), and your crush will be replaced by a new one, and your idea of fun will somehow change. you would take life a little bit more serious. but i agree that it is the best and the worst. i've been there a lot of times. but there are more to come. so you should learn to anticipate some more.