What will happen to Libya Next?

@Sakura24 (175)
March 21, 2011 12:32pm CST
In recent news, libya has been the headline. The Eastern Libyans want Col. Gadaffi to go down as being a Libyan Leader. Wars happened for almost 5 weeks already and many civilians were killed. France, US, UK, Arab League and some countries voted for a No-Fly zone. There are bombings of airforces of Libya, military tanks and others. The Question now is what will happen next in Libya? In your own opinion- what do you think is the best possible solution for the war in Libya to end? Is it possible that civilians will not be hurt if Col.Gadaffi is defiant to step down?
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• Philippines
22 Mar 11
He should step down because clearly, he's not doing a great job and he's been sitting there for quite a while already. Libya needs a democratic government, not dictatorship because it's clearly messing up they're country.
@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
21 Mar 11
solution is not simple gadaffi is milatry dictator so it will not be easliy let him down, if he himself let go of the post it would be best solution in Libya but he didn't go to do that. war will make him do forcibly hope well for the people of Libya.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
21 Mar 11
Gadhafi's speech yesterday was merely confirming what the British journalist told CNN: Moammar Gadhafi would be able to execute and close relatives only to escape safely from an unpleasant situation. The approximately 500 victims already made ??the Gaddhafi regime led certainly will join others. "Do not go in Libya, because I lead this revolution, and if you were to die, so it can do as good a martyr. Those who care about me out on the streets and defend the values ??of the revolution and those who make bombs, they will shoot or fire inspections will be executed. "It is clear that Ghaddafi prisoner in his own country and any acts of genocide would never be enough to maintain his position. Aided by the reactionary forces of several countries in the world, so-called mercenaries paid all the "values ??revolution" have attacked innocent people. While in Egypt and Tunisia, street movements led to chase the leaders do not know exactly what will happen in Libya. Two other outbreaks of fighting are about to burst but in the Arab world: In Yemen and Bahrain, are already loaded rifles. How will this affect us this mega-crisis of the Arab countries: still only a barrel of oil has risen alarmingly.The food prices will probably go crazy. Continue to watch how the situation will develop in Libya, and what will happen to Gaddhafi's regime. Falls Gaddhafi, "I do not know, but hopefully will not start with a new world war.