whats with girls loosing there virginity at age ten?

United States
March 21, 2011 1:09pm CST
i mean seriously its like a baby, im young but are there still morales that exist anymore? i lost mine at eighteen and now wish i waited because i thought it was young. but ten and eleven year olds? thats just not right
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• United States
8 Mar 12
It is a very unfortunate thing.I reget losing my virginity at 17 I sould have waited a few more years.I think its just the influences you have as a child. Its a compound of things.Its the television shows kids watch,the music,the video games,the parents who allow their kids to run without boundaries.Society has allowed adolecents to think and desire to grow up as fast as possible,that being a teen mother on welfare is acceptable,that all the children in my classes have babies so why shouldn't I be able to handle that too?Its a horrible thing in my opinion yes,but if we as parents and future parents do not take our jobs seriously and keep our kids engaged in things that interest them they will not stray down the wrong path as easily and many more young girls will continue to make the same mistake.
• Philippines
26 Mar 11
I think at this age,kids are more curious.they are curious about a lot of things.a lot of information is available on the internet and can easily be obtained.when parents don't spend intimate time with their children,these kids will ask questions and get answers from wrong sources.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
23 Mar 11
It is soo sad dear, I think a girl should loose their virginity at least with 20! I can't even believe there are children that wants to, well...I hope they wanted at least! They don't know what they are doing and if they get around people that are doing or horrible older boys maybe it could happen. The only thing I can pray for is that they really wanted.Whatever we really want we can't regreat, it's always an experience, so if we want it doesn't matter the consequences, it's always not something that turns to a trauma. I only wish...
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
21 Mar 11
Hi kahanuola, Since the law of the land says if a girl is eighteen years old and boys 21 years marriage is possible. Just reflect a hardly 18 years old girl getting married. But when you talk of the physical maturity is not so much at this period the possibility is that the baby might come up with some deformity. I do not think this is too early a strategy. In my opinion both the girls and boys should not be less than 25 years old.