Are You Willing to be the Lowest to Guide Others to the Highest

March 21, 2011 8:48pm CST
Continuing on with footwashing from yesterday Another reason Jesus washed the feet is to show we should be willing to put others above ourselves Sometimes here I will give beggers a muffin and tea ( not money,that goes to the local mafia ). I bend down to their level and give it to them with hands outstreched, palms up. When they say thank you I gently tap my knuckles on the ground to say thank you. Ask any Chines and they will inform you the special meaning of this That is unseen here, especially for a foriegner to do such a thing When people see it they ask why I would do that. My local friends are beaming when they explain I am a Christian. That begins many conversations about Jesus. It is a great way to lead others to Him. Just make sure to do it with sincerity and humbleness. May the sunshine of Gods love bless you today and every day
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