making pennies again

March 21, 2011 10:28pm CST
i really don't have much work now but i would like to continue earning to i remembered to click some ads in some ptc sites and just do paid posts for a few cents. i guess it is better than nothing, just sitting here in front of my computer and using facebook. at least here, i will get a few cents for every post that i make. it is like my coin bank that gets filled up little by little as i save every coin that comes my way, in one way or the other. so anyway, my husband and i both have work so this is something extra because we are not really earning much in the family business. so hopefully, i can just save up some more for my family and the little one that we would like to have. :-D wish i could earn some more but since there are not opportunities so i am staying in this. hehe how about you? how are you earning your extra income now?
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