is african mango effective for weight loss

@Verity (851)
March 22, 2011 8:59am CST
Is anybody here heard about African Mango? While browsing the net, I came across about African mango and read several testimonies that this fruit is very much effective for weight loss. As alleged, this fruit could lose your weight up to 12.3 pounds per month. Just wanted to know if this fruit really works for weight loss. I am skeptical to this until proven and response to this discussion would help. Thanks
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@fefe76 (9)
6 Apr 11
I know African mango and i am familiar with it. but I never think it could help to lose weight. All i know is that it is full off fibers and very natural and delicious taste. I use to eat it but i never thought it could help to lose weight as i do not have that much weight to lose.
@Verity (851)
7 Apr 11
Hello fefe, thanks for responding. It is much appreciated. Am glad you're familiar with African mango and have been consuming this fruit, too. If you're still consuming the fruit to date, why not try to measure your waist line one of these days and continue doing it for one month or two to initially see the result if African mango really works for weight loss. May I know where did you get it? I haven't seen this fruit yet but if you could post it here its photo, much better. At least, I could recognize it well. Again, thank you so much for responding.
@salonga (27954)
• Philippines
22 Mar 11
This is the first time I heard about African Mango. I don't even know how does it look. I know Indian mango but not African Mango. Now I am thinking if the African Mango you were talking about is the same as the Apple Mango or the homegrown mango we have here which are bulky and partly reddish.
@Verity (851)
23 Mar 11
Hi Salonga, thanks for the comment, it is much appreciated. African Mango is a native fruit from Cameroon, West Africa, and a bit simulated from Apple Mango, however, this fruit can only be found in said place. As alleged, this fruit is now the fastest, safest and popular product for weight loss particularly in America when on September 13, 2010 it had been featured in one of America's popular TV shows and after Dr. Julius E. Oden and colleagues conducted their research and study as to the benefits of this fruit. Since I am skeptical and considering that scams are flooding in the net, I posted this discussion to hear from other mylotters of what they've learned about African Mango. Well, anyway, thanks again.