Clicking Adsense Ads intentionally can suspend account?

@jamed28 (1909)
March 22, 2011 11:37pm CST
First, as you can see there is a question mark in the title so I am merely asking a question in here and not declaring something. I have an Adsense account and it was suspended due to clicking my ads intentionally. (Well that's what Adsense told me). But I swear to God I never click those ads that I posted in my website. But as expected, they never listen to my "Swear to God" explanation. Why would I click those ads that I am very much aware that it is against the terms and policy of Adsense. If I click those ads intentionally then I also intentionally waste my time and effort building my site and putting those Adsense ads. Well I did suspect someone had intentionally click the Adsense ads that I posted in my site that's why I got suspended in Adsense. I have two sites and one of those site is very new. I did monitor my daily earnings in Adsense and I saw one time that I'd got several ads click on that new site (around 32 clicks). That site can barely got traffic from search engine and the only traffic its getting was from Facebook. I never ask anyone to click my Adsense ads, but I think someone who knows about Adsense and their policy intentionally click my ads to suspend my account. Now if I got suspended in Adsense because of this Intentional clicks, then, can I also intentionally click (as in clicking those ads several time) those Adsense ads and let Adsense suspend the site where it is posted? I know it is a bad thing to do, but can this really cause account suspension in Adsense? Well if this is possible then anyone can easily suspend any member of Adsense.
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