where can I turn to?

March 22, 2011 11:52pm CST
Gud day mylot friends, I'm very happy to know that their is kind of website that can express what our feelings and idea for every topic that we've encountered by sharing to others. Actually one of the reason I participate in this site is to earn extra additional income to use for everyday living and also for helping others by sharing advice if their is. I am a full time mommy taking care of 5 kids which are in age 8, 6 and 5 years old youngest triplet daughter which appeared on my avatar. For my husband which is our provider it is a hard time for him supporting our kids because he was only in a basic salary payment. That's why what ever skills to get earn i will do it. just to help him raised our family. \when I gave birth to my triplet we feared that we can't provide their needs, but there are few people help us when their were babies. And now they already grew up and their studying... the fear now is that, can we still provide everything for them specially for studying,. I just want to ask some advice to where can i suppose to ask for a help a sponsorship for studying up to college.
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