Peoples lives that are bad

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March 23, 2011 6:12pm CST
Why do you think people who's lives may not be where they want it don't try to do better for themselves if the opportunity presents itself? Say for example a person who is forty, living with at home with parent/s. Why don't they try to do more with their lives. The situation is favorable for them to maybe go to college and get an Associates Degree or certificate of some kind, meet a nice suitable partner, or find a good job. To me I just can't understand it. I personally try to look for ways to improve my life or help my family with their goals. I can't imagine not wanting to do really anything with my life. I feel like if I was in such a situation where I lived at home with my parents as an adult I would try to go to college or something while I don't have bills. I think it may have a lot to do with being in a comfort zone. Maybe they are just really comfortable with where they are at in life.
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@Joeyfish (239)
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24 Mar 11
I think they're comfortable in the environment that they are in. You are with people that love you, you don't pay bills, and you pretty much do what you want. I don't see how they could get a partner because most women want to have a supporting guy, but its possible I guess. Some people just don't like change. Or there could be personal reasons keeping them from trying new things.
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23 Mar 11
maybe tey don't have money to get the start they need in life. These days with people struggling to make it. Being at home with thier parents could be a good thing. I know I am not one of them I live alone and will be alone for as long as I can. But,I know people who can't find jobs. who's parents need them their at home with them and so many more reasons. It is not good to judge a person on hard times they are having. If a person does not hav ethe selfesteem needed in life that also could hold them back from getting ahead in life.