Who do you think is the real people's champ..?

March 23, 2011 10:17pm CST
The Rock has been claiming that he is the real peoples champ and that's why he came back from the film industry to join the WWE. but he have not really actively participated in any of the WWE activity till now. Although he will be a guest referee in the Wrestlmania.. On the other hand Cina has always been there for the people... So who is the real peoples champ..? What do you think..?
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@stevieboi19 (1429)
24 Mar 11
Hand down Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the peoples champion of this generation Cena has nothing on him nor has any other wrestler in the industry at the minute which is in truth why I got bored of wrestling there is no real natural entertainer such as the Rock. No wrestler has his charisma which is important in wrestling every aspect of the act has to be perfect and to be honest I find most of the wrestlers quite boring at the minute bar the oldies such as Kane, Undertaker, Triple H and so on . I ultimately think there are only ever a few peoples champions in the world of WWE Hulk Hogan was certainly one in the sport of wrestling The Rock is another example Cena may have a fan base but it can't beat the ultimate peoples champ in the rock himself, too bad for Cena .
• India
24 Mar 11
Let Cena have the time that Rock spent in the WWE.. Then we will see about that and hopefully talk about this matter again.. Rock was not the star that he is now, when he was at cena's age..
24 Mar 11
The Rock had better opponents though wrestling has gone down hill since his departure less entertaining, less complete fighters... Cena himself isn't all that he will become as famous as the The Rock but ultimately because the writers will let him with the story lines favouring him as they once favoured the Rock and the other greats essentially it is the writers who will make a peoples champion . But Cena will never do in it the electrifying style that the rock did it in .
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
I would go for JC. I agree that he has been and stayed with the WWE through and through. Unlike the Rock, there are times that he is just there to promote a new movie or something. The WWE face now is totally different from the era Rock came from.
31 Mar 11
I have to disagree the Rock had the crowd and definitely a bigger following than John Cena, the Rock made the people smile and ultimately entertained them which is what the sport is all about . I find Cena boring and ultimately a very dull peoples champion. I'd much rather have Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, and more than all these recent wrestlers who can't act/entertain as well as the classics .
@uttarayan (327)
• India
12 May 11
i think it was rock in his wwf era.but,in the attitude era hbk is the peoples champ
• Philippines
1 Apr 11
I think The Rock needs money. I think he's running out of characters to play in the movie industry. He's a big man and considering that gives you limited options on roles to play. They (movie writers) might come up with some good roles for him but I'm guessing it would be more or less the same thing he had played before. I mean, the movie The Tooth Fairy really sucked, big time. He wasn't right for the role.