Will this be the greatest Wrestlmania ever..?

March 23, 2011 10:46pm CST
This Wrestlmania have got every thing.. With the newest stars of the WWE with the old legends like Rock ,Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Undertaker.. and also have all kinds of matches.. Even the steel cage.. SO what do you think..? Will this be the greatest Wrestlmania ever..?
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• Philippines
1 Apr 11
There are definitely a lot of comebacks recently. The Undertaker-Triple H fight will be the biggest for me. Undertaker's stupid streak had been going on for a while and it's starting to look pathetic. That's all he lives for in WWE. I think he should just abandon it and get himself a new story and look. He could be a great heel, he should consider that.
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
It really is hard to compare one Wrestlemania to another. But a lot of times, old stars are coming back to put more spice in the show. I think if wrestlemania can go more extreme, that would be nice.
• Canada
27 Mar 11
i think this wrestlemania has the potential to become one of the greatest wrestlemanias, if not the greatest wrestlemania. i want to see a confrontation between john cena and the rock, i think wrestling fans deserve to see it at the grandest stage of all. let's see what happens. i think it will be a great wrestlemania, better than the last 5 wrestlemanias.