Who hit Jake? What will happen on General Hospital?

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
March 24, 2011 5:27pm CST
With the recent happenings with poor little Jake and Josslyn getting his kidneys...what are the odds this will put Elizabeth and Jax together!?!?!??! Gross as that is, very well could be how this all ends! Plus, well, forget the plus. Nothing else going on there worth talking about! They are still ranting on the Lisa/Patrick thing, and Patrick and Robin reunited this week after little Jakes death. Brenda is apparently going to plague us for some time...although wonder how they will fit her son into the town. Probably she'll end up just "getting him back" as Jason does away with the balkin and Sonny will have yet another kid to add to his litter. How exciting is that! Wish they'd come up with something good. Now that Luke and Carly are the only cars left to be forensiced for the hit and run, they'll probably make it Luke and he'll take off during his usual summer hiatis and of course no one will answer for it. Wish they'd bring back Helena and give us a reason to watch! They are even making Jax nad Carly boring lately. And as per the discussions going on here...or not as the case may be...all the rest of you bored to death with the show lately?
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