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@albto_568 (1268)
Costa Rica
March 24, 2011 10:04pm CST
A good friend of mine, died recently, and a idea has been in my mind ever since, How much time do I have left?, and this is not a morbid thought, it´s a practical one, because, sometimes, we pospose things, and tell to ourselves, Ok, I´ll do it tomorrow, but, will be a tomorrow?. Of course, that´s something beyond our control, but, if we think about it, sometimes, we could understand that there is no point in leaving things for tomorrow, things must be done today, and we must find a way to enjoy our lives today, because happiness is not a goal to reach, is something to find everyday, in every situation
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• Philippines
25 Mar 11
Worrying about when you'll die will only stress you. If you're really curious, though, pray for the grim reaper to give you 5 minutes for a private talk. You might be able to reach him through skype too.