how to manage both office work and family

March 26, 2011 12:39am CST
I am basically working in the industry, where lot of mental pressure, heavy workload and pressure, due to that sometimes i show that face to my spouse. Many times this raised misunderstanding in the family. Could somebody help me out.
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@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
6 Apr 11
About 90percent of my friends and officemates who are married and who has children alays prioritizes their families first. I know that these women chose to not go up further the corporate ladder because they do not want to be stressed at work so much... They do not to spend so much time at work bcause they feel that they should be spending time with families and not with their computers,bosses,meetings.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 11
Hi, Juggling between family and work is not an easy task. However, you should not bring your work back to home. Work is never can be finished and having such a pressurised work, you have to really know well how to manage your time between your work and family. Both are very important in your life,earning money to support your family is necessary,but no matter what try to spend time' with your family members.Show them your love and care,instead of showing them your black faces and always look stress and unhappy when back home. Try to arrange your work properly and more organised and if possible plan for a family holiday trip.Just a short trip for your family will do,grab that opportunity to spend more time with them,treasure that moments and understand them well,it does help to strengthen up your relationship with your family members especially with your spouse and kids. Always tell yourself, once you reached home, never think about your work anymore,that is your relaxing time and whatever outstanding in your work, do it tomorrow,or else, you won't never be able to enjoy your life since your mind is always stuck to your workloads.
@enruschew (249)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 11
You shouldn't bring your emotion on work back to your home seriously saying. Women have their feeling too; you might hurt them in that sense. Moreover, your spouse give birth to your child, helping you take care of family, cleaning the home so that everyone feel comfortable in living in. Try to think from the view point of your spouse. Good luck.