can't sleep at night!

@zills66 (1421)
Saudi Arabia
March 26, 2011 7:26am CST
sometimes i am in the internet at 2AM and i can't sleep! i made a call with my GF the other early morning. she told me not to call because she will just miss me. i just came back from a short vacation and i am making a new adjustment of everything. i also caught a flue and i hope this is just an adjustment with the climate here. i am sure a week or two this will not be the same. may be in the coming weeks i am back to my regular routine, meeting new and old faces, outdoor activities, etc... i am in the office and this high-noon, i really feel sleepy! oh, what a shame!
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@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
26 Mar 11
Hi, This is natural that change of places and climate or change in environment might cause sleeplessness. As you have mentioned yourselves the probable causes of your not getting sleep, so you would be in your self soon enough so that you do not yawn at office for you had not had good sleep at night.
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• Mexico
26 Mar 11
Hi zills: Same happends to me when I was nervous for my exams some years ago. SO my advice would be: try to feel relax. Maybe try to do some yoga. This will help you to feel comfortable again. I hope you'll be ok in a few days. ALVARO
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
26 Mar 11
Hello there, Actually I'm the same too, especially on weekends. It's just that my time table goes the opposite and on Monday I suffer a lot. Anyway people say that drinking a warm glass of milk helps you get your sleep, but I don't know how much of it is true. Maybe you can give it a try. It doesn't hurt trying right? =)
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
26 Mar 11
Hi, Some people may be a night owl,but since you are working in the day time,then at night,you should feel tired after working for I right? Maybe you really need to adjust your body frequency,to make it sleep early and rise early,so that you can concentrate on your work. Try not to drink coffee at night time, it does make people stay awake throughout the night.