I met someone online and I really like him....

March 26, 2011 2:55pm CST
I am really ashamed to tell you this but I can't help my self about how I feel for him. I met someone online, we met in a Paid to Socialize Chat.The first time we chatted I do feel that he is a Great Man. He had shared to be about his past experiences about his Love Life and his current relationship. I liked him because of his Character online when he told that he is a writer and he is really Talented . I liked him because he is the Guy that I had been looking for. Not all guys are the same he is really different. This is the first time that I had a crush on someone online. He doesn't know that I like him. How I wish one day we can meet in person. But the problem is he do have a girlfriend. What will I do know? I don't want to tell him about my feelings for him I want our friendship online will remain.