Know your Money and How to Detect Counterfeit Money

@r3jcorp (1384)
March 26, 2011 5:25pm CST
Any illegal transaction wouldn't be stopped if there are people who are willing to be a victim. We know that there are lots of counterfeit money which is in circulation today that's why it is important for us to know the legal tender. For Philippine currency, we have 2 kinds existing in circulation, the New Design Series (older) and the New Generation Series (newest). We have only 3 years left to spend or deposit the New Design Series, after that it will become a No Value currency. Safety features has been put in to both design but the New Generation Series has a better and improved security marks. For One, it has a continuing design which when you put both ends together, you will notice that it is the continuation of the other end. Next is the alibata which half of it is imprinted in front (lower half) and at the back for the upper half. But if you examine it under light, you will see that the alibata written on the front is the continuity in the back thus making a whole alibata word meaning Pilipinas. This feature is called the "see through mark." Third is the hologram which changes in color when you tilt it. Microprinting which was written in different designs of the money for the NDCs are now be seen in one particular place. You may see it in front below Republika ng Pilipinas. It also have an embossed printing which is primary to help the blinds to easily recognized the value of money they are holding. In the ND Series, Value panel is written in 4 corners of the notes but with the NG series, It has only 2 value panel, the extra big and the smaller one. We would also notice that the NG series has a wider thread which also changes in color. In terms of security fibers, the ND series changes color into when seen under ultraviolet light but with the NG series, it has rainbow color. Other older security features are still installed but with improvements. How about you, do you know your country's currency? Can you detect the counterfeit from the genuine?
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