Spam Email

United States
March 26, 2011 8:41pm CST
Why is it that the search engines can not do, and will not do a thing about spam emails. The mail comes everyday and it keep coming the same mail. You put it into these folders they say that will work and it turns out that the spam mail keep coming the same spam mail. The people who send this stuff dont realize that people are not reading this junk, and will never you would think that they would get it and stop sending this junk. Even if you make it so you dont want to see the junk and to delete it on delivery the search engines will put it in trash box. Will they ever get it and stop sending this junk?
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• United States
27 Mar 11
I have often wondered what exactly spammers actually get out of sending so much spam. I suspect the reason they continually do is because perhaps there are people who actually entertain them and or get stuck with buying or paying for something. I outright despise spam email and try to avoid any form of sign-ups because I know that it will come with so much spam. Even doing that still we get them. I too wonder when will spammers get a clue that it is so unwanted.