Quick Newbie Guide in myLot

March 26, 2011 10:46pm CST
I know there are rules, regulations, manuals, readables and even google but I'd like to have a more direct approach on this topic. I am new here and have questions that I hope would be answered accurately and cheerfully in this post. Thanks in advance! Here.. 1. What are the specific things that we are to do to earn here.(posting, discussions,search.. etc). If possible can you give me a quick summary abotu it. 2. Is there an existing/visible rate for each task? 3. In terms of earning, what is the best thing to do here? Thank you again! :)
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@zralte (4186)
• India
27 Mar 11
Hi sjestuista, welcome to myLot. First, there are no rules in myLot. There are, however, Guidelines, FAQs and Terms. Best thing to do would be go through those. They can all be found under the myLot tab or www.mylot.com/o/mylot.aspx To answer your questions: 1. We need to make quality discussion to earn from here. You can increase your earnings by posting a relevant photo to go with the topic. Though you can only post photos on your comments after getting 500+ ratings. Below 500, you can only post them on interests or when you start new discussion. You can use the search engine which may reward you at random. I have been rewarded quite a few times. Rewards can range from 1 cent to 21 cents. There are tasks that members put up that you can do. 2. Task: I am assuming you mean our activities here, not the task section. The task section gives how much you can earn for each task. For our participation, there is no set amount that a member can see. It is decided by the admins. Only admins know how much an activity is worth. 3. In terms of earning, the best thing to do is DISCUSS. Not just posting a response or a comment, discussing issues or topic. That will earn you best. Good Luck and Happy Lotting. Do go through the Guidelines so you will know what are the Dos and Donts of myLot discussion.
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• Philippines
28 Mar 11
Thank you for the reply zralte.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
27 Mar 11
For me be good to follow so that yo have many money to gain here.