I did an embarrassing Scene

March 26, 2011 11:06pm CST
Last month my eldest son got sicked due to enfluenza and need to bring him to his doctor for proper medications. But unfortunately I have no enough cash on my wallet so I took my ATM card and rushing to withdraw to one of ATM Machine near our place, I asked the guard if it is online and answered me yes, so I go to the booth and insert my card, the machine did not respond it go offline, what I thought is caused by "host time out" I waited too long for my card to dispense but to no avail, I approached the guard and ask to report it to the officer of that certain bank, It was Friday afternoon then and as practice of the bank you can't retrieve such on the same day and I have no even identification to present but because I have friend, who is Officer in that bank, I told the guard about it. They open the machine only to found out that I insert 2 card on it, what a shame!!! How about you? did you experience the same as mine?
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@macayadann (1235)
• Philippines
29 Mar 11
I can not forget one that I even keep on telling the story to my family and friends. It happened during my college days, my professor asked me to stand up and say something about Hippocrates. Confident enough for I memorized who the man was but so much so that I pronounced the name hay or Hi! as in greeting and crates as in wooden framework for storing or packing and therefore pronounced loud as in Haypocrates. The class did not laugh just giggled and remained silent but I had seen the eyes of my professor holding back to correct me. So as not to put me further into embarrassment,he just said to me very good," Hippocrates is ...",he sounded the right pronunciation.
• Australia
29 Mar 11
Yes friend those mistakes committed served now as our lesson in our future life, we learned from our mistakes, and sometimes made us smile when remembered.