I hate justin bieber.........Am i being jealous??

@ranma1 (96)
March 27, 2011 12:38am CST
I just dont know why i hate justin bieber..... At first i loved his first song (baby). Then suddenly i started developing hatred towards him. Am i being jealous??
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
17 May 11
It is up to you if you define yourself as insecure or jealous for hating Justin. But there are many Filipinos who are now pissed off Justin Bieber including myself because of what he did to an airport employee when he is about to board the plane. Others are hating him now. I don't know if you are aware with it but there is a video uploaded that he tapped the hand of this man (who is a father of his fan) while the man was just asking for while to sign an autograph on CD. He just thought that what he did was nothing and a little thing that people would just ignore it. But then it has a repercussion to his personality if that is the case. It is really offensive and it reflects that he could do that to other of his fans. He must remember that because of his fans he would be nothing and he is not a famous person right now. Literally speaking since he is an artists he must have the pleasing personality with people so that he can earn more and more, not the fans that should please him so bad because in the first place they are also considered as his clients. He must not act as if he doesn't really need the appreciation of other people, how could he earn and have the world tour if nobody wants his music? But as of us for being a Filipino WE DON'T NEED HIS APPRECIATION and won't die without him. We have our own Filipino pride such as Manny Pacquiao, Arnel Pineda, Lea Salonga, and Charice Pempengco that this kid is far better from Justin because at her young age she is already a professional. Unlike Justin that his music are for teeny bopper that in the long run it will be no longer appreciated as many innovative artists that will rise again. As I hear his songs they are really boring.
• Philippines
12 May 11
I am never been a fan but I got to listen to his songs. can't help it, it's been all over MTV and channel V and his songs would be played over the radio, so sometimes you would get the last song syndrome to sing his song. you're asking if your jealous? I don't know. You're the only one who can answer that. I for one, don't like him, there have been reports that he is rude and a brat so, I think I won't warm up to him anytime soon
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
11 Apr 11
I don't know you tell me? Nobody knows yourself better than you. I think people are getting tired of seeing him everywhere. I do like this kid, but I got a bit annoyed when his movie came out, everywhere he went to the paparazzi will ask him some questions and he will ignored them and say, "never say never" every freaking time, is like he ran out of words to say, it was really annoying and unnecessary.