Rumours abt facebook??

@ranma1 (96)
March 28, 2011 7:01am CST
I heard people saying in my class that fb is gonna shut down and blah blah............... I personally didn't believe them as i knew facebook is used by millions of people and it has a huge potentialfor drawing advertisers. But all i worry about is the rumours, do u think they spread these rumours on purpose or just for fun??
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• Philippines
28 Mar 11
These rumors are just for fun. I think some people don't really have anything to say and so they make up rumors that are total crap and are so unbelievable. The thing is, why would facebook shut down especially during these times when it is at its peak and it is still growing stronger than ever. It's a multi-billion investment and it would be stupid to just shut it down. Maybe it could be possible that the owners and creators can sell it if they ever got tired of maintaining it but, shutting the whole site down is far from reality. The best thing to do when you hear such rumors is to always consult your world wide web. The internet will always give you updates on almost anything interesting.
29 Mar 11
Haiz... this kind of rumors spread from last year until now. Where got multi-billion business income just forgo, not much person will believe on the closer. Not logic rumors, if buy by other company then it can be believed.
@iva75cpb (729)
• Bulgaria
28 Mar 11
I don't know about shutting Facebook for good but I've certainly heard it's going to become paid in the summer, which drives me mad and actually I've started thinking about stopping the use of this social network. I prefer staying here in My Lot where many more interesting people come and discuss a lot of interesting stuff!
• Philippines
28 Mar 11
it has been a rumour for quite sometime now and i think it will continue to be just that, at least for now. fb has just way too many money earning potential that closing it i guess is a non-sense for now. this rumour, just like all others, perhaps is just produced by imaginative minds with nothing else better to do. :)
@maclanis (1810)
• Belgium
28 Mar 11
I wouldn't worry too much about that. Some person just started the rumour for some lame reason, and it spread, like rumours always do. Facebook is making way too much money to just pull the plug. And all the users would be quite angry I think... It's just too popular to stop!