What will you do with your co-employee who always spread out rumors about you?

@masang (295)
March 28, 2011 7:08am CST
I have a co-employee who always spread out rumors about me. I thought that she's my friend. But she's not. She only approaches me when she needs something. Please I need your advise. What shall I do.
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
28 Mar 11
Simply ignore and avoid her,at least you've known what kind of person she is. And if she's going to asks why you are trying to avoid her,just look at her and raise your eyebrows and leave without saying a word (hahaha...that's usually what i do...i don't like to argue) Besides,if she is spreading rumors,i am sure your co-workers won't believed,it's just rumors right? who will believed in rumors then,unless those gossipers will.
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@SIMPLYD (82880)
• Philippines
10 May 11
In my opinion, it's a violation of the Office Policy to spread rumors. You can report it to your HR Manager so it could be investigated and acted upon. Do not let that someone put you down by spreading rumors.
30 Mar 11
Oh don't bother so much of that kind of lady. Ignore her. Nest time when she approached you of something, just honestly say......I'm ... SORRY!
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
I'm a bit mean so I would also get back at her for spreading rumors.I would pretend to be still her friend but will make her life in our office a living hell! my cousin had a friend like that and what she did was she she punched her in the face in front of all their officemates and their boss I know that what my cousin did was wrong. But yeah it was effective and that made her friend shut up and stop spreading rumors about her. Or you could do the simple way stop being friends with this person and avoid her at all cost. Stop caring about her you don't need friends like her.
@jhaidro (879)
• Philippines
29 Mar 11
I think that we should accept this fact. In any working environment, some people would want to pull you down. We just have to deal with this fact. If we quit our jobs just to avoid these people, we will just be surprised to meet someone who is just like the other. We just have to keep our guards up and just do our work well. If what they say is untrue, why bother give them attention right?