What would u do?

@hish101 (103)
March 28, 2011 9:45am CST
Hi, what would u do if there were two or more than one girl who loves u equaly and not even anyone showing anything less.how would you choose out of them a life partner? Help me out guys!!!!
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• India
30 Mar 11
hi i am rahul from india.!!! well dear your question is really critical cuz if we chose one the second`s heart willl break. you cant emagine her emotions dear. Well dear i will chose who to i love i know i am selfish but if i not chose than i will die. i love my gf so much dear and i will chose her who to i love. Now i am done i chose her who to i love dear.
• Philippines
29 Mar 11
Is this possible? I have doubts that it is. But granting that indeed these two girls shows you equal affection, it shouldn't matter to you that much as you choose who you would like to be with forever. There's this variable that you should be giving more weight on. It should be what you feel for the two. You should decide on it. Love is not all about who is giving you the most, what matters is to whom you are willing to give your everything. If you yourself can't choose for now then set aside your thoughts on forever yet. Maybe you aren't ready as for now. Give yourself sometime so you may be able to distinguish the color of real love. It sometime do take sometime. :)
@katrinapaz (2438)
• Philippines
29 Mar 11
you must weigh the attitudes of the girls and decide on who you should choose. There is a saying that we cannot serve 2 masters at the same time. One should be chosen than the other because if you will hold on to the two still both of them will get hurt and you may end up with no one.
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
28 Mar 11
Well first, define yourself what do you mean by "love", because you're already mentioning them as life partners and to my opinion it would be very precipitated to think like that. Figure out what is it that you expect from a partner and combine all of it with the "candidates" that you have so you can decide better.