Still am in love and Choose to make it Work

March 28, 2011 11:30am CST
I choose to love my husband. Love is, true, a feeling but it is also a choice. My husband does not always seem worthy of love, sometimes I can't stand him, but I love him. I know I'm not always -or even often- worthy of love but my husband chooses to love me. My position sounds nice, you may say, but if I were to wake up to reality I would see that there are many reasons, in other relationships, NOT to choose to love. I make no denials about things such as infidelity or physical abuse or anything -it is very hard to love the person that is hurting you. It is hard to choose to love in those instances (when you are black and blue or whatever the case may be); it is instances like that that you may feel love no matter whether you want to or not but you should attempt to choose NOT to love in those times. Anyhow, people make the excuse -in relationships that don't include infidelity or abuse or etc.- that they no longer have the love feeling and since love is just a feeling they can't control -several people, not myself, say- their relationship is over. Not true, one can always CHOOSE to love because you don't know you have a good thing till it's gone; the love feeling is there even if hardship or some sort makes it seem otherwise so no one should forget that. In anycase I will be in love forever because I choose to do so.
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• Philippines
28 Mar 11
To Love someone is really a choice and a decision. You are really right. People who do tell that they fall out of Love is such a lame excuses. If you really love one another the fire in your relationship will keep burning. I admire you for you chose to love your husband.