Who is to blame?

@cmecu6 (420)
United States
March 28, 2011 7:23pm CST
This is my water down version of a storyline from one of my favorite soap today. I could not fathom the thought of what I would do. So I wanted to know what some of you might do or how you would react? Sometimes really bad things happens to innocent people for no good reason. The people affected are not at fault, yet are not completely fault free either. Example: you are a single mother, you have; let say 3 children. It's late in the evening, you are at home with your 3 kids. You stepped into the kitchen, bathroom or whatever, while you stepped away for a second or two, your 3 year old opens your front door, and wonder into the street, got struck by a passing vehicle. It was dark, the child was tiny, the driver did not even notice it hit anything, and it kept going.. Coincidentally, the driver of the car got words later on that evening that his grandchild had just got struck by a passing car. He is stricken with grief for the loss of his grandchild. He of course console his grandchild's parents. Here is the thing: It was discover later that the grandfather of the grandchild was in fact the driver who ran over the 3 year old. It was purely accidental, but the loss was so great, and the person who responsible was someone so close. Who is to blame? Who is at fault? Although it is difficult and the pain is so deep, Do you just let it go?
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@Harold_ks (1674)
29 Mar 11
The people to blame are the mother and the driver/grandfather, but more on the mother. She should blame for her negligence. She shouldn't leave her 3 young kids unattended. Or if she really needs to go to another part of her house, she should make sure that the place she leaves her kids is safe, like no sharp objects that they can pick, no small things that they can swallow, no stairs to walk that they might fall, and the door should be locked well. In other words, she should make sure that they are always in safe. Second, the driver, he's been reckless. He should drive safely at all times, day or night. If he was not driving recklessly, he should have seen the child passing the street and he should have avoided the accident. Well that was really a sad story and for sure they will learn from it, as well us for us readers. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.
• United States
29 Mar 11
Although emotions will certainly run high but unfortunately I have to blame the mother on this one. See it is the mothers responsibility to make sure the child cannot get out of the home. Which incidentally the law here would see it that way. I know this because a dear friend years ago parked her car and her 5 year old climbed out of the car immediately at which time a driver passing by at full speed hit the child and ran him for almost a block the mother by law was blamed for not securing the child in the car and allowing the child to come out the street side of the road. I would have resentments towards the driver but more so would blame myself as a parent I could not live with myself knowing I did not secure my child's safety.
@SIMPLYD (86528)
• Philippines
29 Mar 11
That story is so devastating. They really are for soap operas but that happens. Who is to blame? In my opinion, it's her mother. She should have made sure that all the doors were already locked and they are child proof , before leaving her kids to attend to another. We should always bear in mind that kids should never be left alone. They have to have somebody responsible with them at all times. Accidents do happen and when it happens let's accept it, but i know the pain will be greater than we think, coupled with the guilt of having been a part of the accident.