A Shot In The Butt

@Bambi09 (228)
United States
March 29, 2011 1:22pm CST
I went to the hospital yestereday with severe abdomenial pain. I was admitted at 445, and wasn't seen until about 8. It was ridiculous. I was dignosed with cervititus, and a severe uti. It really sucked, the worst part was they gave me a shot in my butt to help heal the infection. Well, now my poor little cheek is so dang sore. How should I handle the pain now? Any ideas?
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29 Mar 11
Hi bambi09, I would say that i hope all is well but it does seem that you do have a sore butt and so you are in a little pain. . The length of time it takes to get seen here in the united kingdom can be a couple of hours, i would have been annoyed had i had to wait aslong as you did. I guess that the injection will help, are you sitting on a nice soft cushion when you are sat on the sofa? To be honest i would probably knock a few shots back so i don't think about the pain that much, then just hope that when i sober up the pain from my butt would have gone by then.
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