are you annoyed with any celebrities? why or why not?

@chiyosan (30205)
March 30, 2011 8:09am CST
Have you ever felt that you are annoyed with any celebrities, both local or foreign celebrities? Why do you feel that way? Me, i guess there are some local celebs that i do not really like and i get annoyed when i see them. hehe maybe because i do not like their "ways".. or just simply do not like their guts. haha =) what about you?
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@thatgirl13 (7306)
• South Korea
30 Mar 11
Yep i get pretty annoyed. I'm annoyed at some celebrities for being so perfect. I mean they look so handsome that they make us fall in love with them. Whatever they do, whatever they wear, they look so gorgeous which is pretty annoying to me LOL
@sashakiddo (1104)
• United States
30 Mar 11
The celebrities who annoy me are the ones who make it on reality tv just because their family is rich or famous. There is no reason people should be wasting an hour a week watching their lives.
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
To be honest, I am mostly annoyed with our local celebrities especially those who think they are so good and so perfect. I hate some actors and actresses who do not even know how to act real good. When it comes to international celebrities, there are just a few of them but I must say, I still admire them. Most international celebrities work their hearts out to get a particular role they want. They constantly reinvent themselves and do lots of workshops and would go the mile to make their roles more believable. In our local movie industries, I find celebrities to be so choosy and some of them get prime roles because of WHO they know and not WHAT they know.
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
30 Mar 11
Yes..I think annoying seeing some celebrities going to jail and rehab, which is why I don't really like to keep up with them. Is not my life, I don't really care if they mess up their lives or not. We all have free will, if they want to keep a clean image great if not well, so be it. They are some celebrities that you just can't help but to like them and some that you can't stand them everything you look at them. Even though there are so many celebrities that I like, I don't really follow them nor buy any of their stuff.