heric dungens

March 30, 2011 8:43pm CST
what are your thoughts on the heroic dungens. are they too hard or are they easy. do they need more bosses or not.
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24 May 11
Heroic dungeons are at what i would call an appropriate diffuculty level. They are not easy enough to be done by a group of idiots, but at the same time if you are even slightly competent in playing your class in world of warcraft a group should have no problem in clearing them. Even the new Troll Hc's are easy enough to carry through bad players.
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5 May 11
Both Wrath dungeons and Wrath heroics were a bit too easy in my opinion. i could solo all the heroics except the icc dungeons on my druid. The Cataclysm dungeons are the same now as the Wrath ones were when it just came out. In a short amount of time everyone will be trucking through them in no time.
@iPHaze (27)
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19 Apr 11
It ticks me off the the dificulty of the dungeons , not that they are to hard for me but for way to many people. To many a time if random qued to find complete fail healers/tanks/dps joining and ruining dungeon groups. The dificulty of cata release heroic dungeons is ridiculous, Wrath release dungeons were hard but not impossible to do, when cata heroics can be impossible to do. Its dumb, and the reason ive quit wow