happiness is belong to myself

March 30, 2011 8:53pm CST
first of all, thanks for friends from my lots suggestion. you are right, happliess is belong to myself, so we should keep glad every day. in this city everyone often worried about something, but sometimes they also don't know what to worry? it is blind, perhaps lack of the sense of security. do you believe the fate? do you believe that everything is doomed?
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@kheydia (883)
• Philippines
1 Apr 11
Our life here on earth has a purpose, if we know our purposes in life then our actions will be in accordance to our purpose that we have, i know life is hard really but life is also what we make it, we can live a beautiful life and that depends upon our attitude towards it.
2 Apr 11
yes, i think so, the purposes is important for our life, but i find that it is difficult to insist on something, i often give up halfway, so would you please tell me how to do?
@kheydia (883)
• Philippines
4 Apr 11
Maybe you start up with evaluating yourself, know what you really want in life, make some goals and write it, make some plans or steps on how to accomplish your goals, and make decisions that would coincide with your goal.
10 Apr 11
thank you right, know what i need in my life, and still go ahead.